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A Few Words from Our Clients

At the Law Offices of Brad Jackson, we have helped clients from all walks of life with their most important legal matters. We take immense pride in helping people who ask us to handle their legal cases so they can get back to their lives. Following are comments from just a few clients about our work for them.

"Brad is a credit to his profession. I was involved in a complex multi-party business litigation lawsuit, and Brad and his firm successfully negotiated a settlement of the original case to my satisfaction. Previously, another firm had made no progress on my behalf in the same case and had billed me excessively as well, which resulted in a second lawsuit. It was a very difficult situation for me, and Brad was professional and excellent in the legal matters and also caring and helpful throughout the ordeal. He restored my faith in the legal profession and I highly recommend him."

- John

"Brad is the best attorney I have ever used. He is available, responsive, and diligent in making sure his clients’ wishes are met. He is very personable and very comforting. I couldn't recommend him more!!"

- David

"We were involved in the distribution of assets from a complex will that could have been contested by more than one party. We consulted Brad seeking advice that would allow us to provide a solution that would satisfy each party involved and enable us to avoid expensive, long drawn out legal action. Brad reviewed the situation, and with patience and understanding provided the advice that enabled us to reach that solution. I would very highly recommend him."

- Tony

"Although I had been party to previous litigation, I had never actually sued anyone. A major contract dispute occurred with an unscrupulous business owner, and I was left with no choice but take legal action to rectify the situation. I originally hired another firm, who did a terrible job that resulted in unnecessary legal fees. At my wits end, Brad was referred to me by a trusted partner, and within just a few months, he was able to successfully negotiate an acceptable settlement that met my original objectives. He also took great steps to minimize my legal expenses. He was fair and just throughout the process, and yielded wise legal advice that proved to be accurate and almost prophetic. I HIGHLY recommend his firm."

- Terri

"Brad is a consummate professional. Brad was attentive in listening to details of my lawsuit. He walked me through the lawsuit, steering me through the process, and encouraging my input. He was forceful when necessary and patient when needed. He did a wonderful job, should I ever have need of a trial attorney in the future, Brad would be my pick."

- Brian

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